T. Melis Golar

Researcher, curator

T. Melis Golar is a (1988, Turkey) curator, editor and researcher. She finished her degree in 2009 at the Department of Business and later on completed her Master’s degree in Arts and Heritage: Policy, Education and Management Department in Maastricht University. Between the years of 2014 and 2016 she was involved in the initial opening stage of Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum and took charge as management coordinator in addition to her responsibilities for temporary exhibitions. At the same time she voluntarily and actively worked for two years in an independent art space Torun. Within the years 2016 to 2018 she was employed at Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery carrying out editorial and coordinational assignments and conducted studio visits series of Gallery’s exhibiting artists such as Ali Elmacı, Bedri Baykam and Sinan Logie. Golar has curated; Mert Acar’s , a landscape photographer, exhibition Placeholder (2016, Odtu Exhibition Hall); worked with Seçkin Pirim, Ekrem Yalcindag, Bora Akıncıturk and GUnnur Ozsoy among other artists in a group exhibition about portraits, A Reflected Assertion (2017, Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery); Israeli based artist Guy Ben-Ner’s solo video exhibition, I wish I was Somewhere Else (2017, Cankaya Contemporary Arts Center) and an archival exhibition about Turkey’s second President, Ismet Inonu at the Focus of Actuality (2019, Pink Mansion, House Museum). In 2018-2019 Golar edited an artist book of Ali Senturk, Operation Public Space which studies sculptures in public space that have been broken, destroyed or attacked in the last 20 years in Turkey. Recently working as an independent curator, the focal point of her research is on the future of arts institutions and museums. Additionally she is working on soon to be launched online exhibition project Studiof(x).